Versions section help you with bookkeeping a version in your application, here is the sample of versioning for python application

- file:
  regex: ^\s*version\s*=\s*["']([^"']+)["']
- file: your_module/
  regex: ^__version__\s*=\s*["']([^"']+)["']

You might also add an example to your readme and keep version in documentation updated too:


- file:
  regex: ^\s*version\s*=\s*["']([^"']+)["']

- file: your_module/
  regex: ^__version__\s*=\s*["']([^"']+)["']

- file: doc/
  regex: ^version\s*=\s*u?["']([^"']+)["']
  partial-version: ^\d+\.\d+  # no patch version

- file: doc/
  regex: ^release\s*=\s*u?["']([^"']+)["']

- file: README.rst
  regex: pip\s+install\s+your-module==(\S+)


Filename to search version in, relative to project directory (usually a directory that contains bulk.yaml)

A list of files to search. This is useful if you can use same regex in multiple files.


Neither existence of file or any one in files is enforced. if you make a typo file will be silently skipped. Always use bulk check-version after modifying rules.

On the upside is that you can use same bulk.yaml for many similar projects and versions that aren’t present will be skipped.


A regular expression that matches version. It must contain a single capturing group (i.e. a (parenthised expression)) for capturing actual version. Regex can match only on a single line.

The expression shouldn’t be too strict and should not try to validate the version number itself. I.e. if version is quoted anything inside the quotes should be considered version, if it isn’t anything to next white space or newline is okay.

Too strict version pattern risk to be either to replace 1.2.3 to 1.2.4 in 1.2.3-beta.1 keeping beta suffix, or to skip 1.2.3-beta.1 line in a file without updating it because it doesn’t match.

If regex matches multiple times all matching lines are treated as version number. Also multiple entries with the same file and different rules can be configured.


A regular expression that allows to select only portion of version number. Few examples:

  1. ^\d+\.\d+ – selects major.minor version but not patch
  2. -.*$ – selects -alpha, -beta.1, -31-g12bd530 or any other pre-release suffix in version number.
block-start, block-end

Marks block where to find version number in.

For example, in Cargo.toml version number is in the [package] section and named version, whereas version= in other case may denote version of other things like pedependencies. So we use this:

- file: Cargo.toml
  block-start: ^\[package\]
  block-end: ^\[.*\]
  regex: ^version\s*=\s*"(\S+)"

You can specify single file multiple times in versions section. Which effectively means you can fix version in multiple different sections.

(default false) By default bulk stops scanning this file for this rule on the first block-end after block-start. If this setting is set to true searches for the next block-start istead. This option does nothing if no block defined.